Software & Automation
is (y)our passion

Coding everything to make processes smarter and automated.

Automation is the basis of all digital action. Coding to standardize and automate actions. Creating APIs to connect solutions using NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go, or .Net. Forming a solid foundation using pipelines, coding standards, and software design patterns.

If creating software and automating everything around it is your passion, our software engineering and automation projects will energize you. Based on CI/CD pipelines, we love to automate software testing and deployment in the private, hybrid, or public cloud, using infrastructure-as-code tools such as Puppet, Ansible, and Terraform. We build APIs in Python, NodeJS, or .Net that run on serverless platforms in the cloud. When serverless is not an option, we use containers (Docker, Kubernetes) whenever we can.

When writing software, we always work from a solid foundation, using software pipelines, following coding standards, and applying software design patterns. We do not care what kind of platform we build on — serverless, containers, or plain old servers — it all works for us.

Join our
Software & Automation team

So join our software and automation Itilians and start working in multidisciplinary teams to design solutions for our large international enterprise customers in high tech and manufacturing, and for our midsized innovative customers in agritech and mobility. We also participate in R&D projects with tech startups; examples are programming a robotic companion dog, exploring the limits of deep learning with the AWS DeepRacer, and working on 3D real time tracking.

That is what software and automation at Itility are like.

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Software & Automation

“Everything you need to do more than twice should be automated”

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