Itility is (y)our passion

Run the Itility processes smoothly, with the focus on Itilians.

People and teams are the foundation of everything we do at Itility. Ensuring everyone finds their way at Itility, that Itilians develop their passions while continuously learning and developing is what makes Itility.

If taking care of Itilians, and the processes that keep Itility a smooth-running machine, is your passion, then our Itility team will energize you. This means taking care of recruitment, HR, training, marketing, finance, the back office, and facilities.

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Finding ways to limit our carbon footprint by starting eco-friendly pilots such as Amber; designing personal master plans for Itilians; finding new ways to recruit Itilians; designing and innovating the Itility Training Academy; translating content and knowledge with gamification; ensuring our Itility Samen meetings, LAN parties, evening brainstorms, and off-site Summits run smoothly; and taking care of our finances, applying legal knowledge to our projects and services, and covering our risks.

Just a few examples of what caring for Itilians at Itility is about.

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“I care about people and love to get the best out of them”

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