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Data Scientist

Anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, image recognition, and process optimization. Do you have relevant experience, and do you want to contribute to cool challenges? Are you motivated to extract, analyse, visualize, and translate large quantities of data into useful insights for our customers? Do you like to work in multidisciplinary teams on data science projects for our international enterprise customers, for example in manufacturing / high-tech, agriculture and energy.

We need your expertise

With the help of analytics, you give your customers advice on operational and tactical control. You are capable of applying statistical methods for the sake of predictive modelling, you feel comfortable with machine learning algorithms, and you consider searching for anomalies in data sets a challenge.


  • Shape use cases with customers, sometimes diving into their domains
  • Collecting and preprocessing your data
  • Experiment with different data science techniques
  • Use various visualization techniques to create insights from data
  • Productize models and algorithms, up to and including deployment
  • Help develop the big data/data science competence within Itility

Meet Itility

At Itility we believe in merging technology and data to drive our customers one step beyond. Itility digital consultants are experts in data, cloud, software, and IT infrastructure. 

Our culture can be described as ‘no-nonsense, with passion’. Working at Itility is about working with people, staying close to our customers.

We work for large enterprises and innovative startups. Acting as the ‘digital twin’ of customers, we work shoulder-to-shoulder to exceed business goals and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Do you like to go above and beyond? Do you want to work with passion for what you do, in a team of people fueled by the same passion?

Then we would love to meet you!

This is what we offer

You will be given the opportunity to develop in the best way possible, under the personal guidance of fellow data scientists of Itility.

In addition to a competitive salary, you will receive extras such as:

You believe in

Itility is constantly growing and innovating, just like you are. You need a solid foundation for that:

  • A relevant education (e.g. in computer science, mathematics, statistics, econometrics, data science, or artificial intelligence)
  • Experience in data modelling, machine learning, data analyses, and data visualization
  • Experience and knowledge of tooling and languages, such as: Python, Spark, Azure suite, Databricks, deep learning frameworks, OpenCV
  • Strong consultancy skills to move with confidence into unknown domains
  • A curious mind to learn new tools and technologies
  • Experience with related functions, such as data engineering, cloud engineering and software engineering is a pre

As data scientist, you can develop into chief data scientist, senior analyst, or business consultant. So, are you communicative, investigative and do you have strong organizational skills? Are you curious, result-oriented and aren’t easily satisfied? Are you also capable of writing down your ideas on paper and present this in a convincing manner? Then nothing stands in your way! Join the Itility community!

Screening is part of the hiring procedure.


Eindhoven area.


At Itility, we believe that gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity do not define you or your value as a team member. Your ambition, your passion, your drive toward continuous growth, and your willingness to work together with colleagues and customers makes you valuable. Itility supports an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge.

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